Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…
Edit photos
Touchup selfies
Put filters and gradients on photos
Use instagram style filters
Add stickers to photos
Make a typography edit
Make a transparent PNG
Make a pixel speech bubble
Fake a tweet
Fake a text
Make a GIF
Make a seamless background tile
Have fun!


Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…

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I think abbyleekidz psd on ig is psd 109 by blonde-inside

the psds isnt the issue its the topaz settings or actions or whatever she uses


How to put your transparent gif (or gif with erased background) on a background


-for dancesmoms-

I made this a long time go but someone needed this! Sorry for my lack of screenshot skills but yeah (I don’t think tumblr has the caption feature anymore so I’m not sure if I need to recaption them just let me know)

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can you do psds like @abbyleeskidz on instagram?

Did you even look before you asked I literally just answered this

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can you please explain how to downlad and set up topaz on cs5
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Awesome blog and tutorials!

Thanks girlie

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I really hope you are on. Can you please tell me how to apply the "topaz"?? I am new to photoshop and I have no idea how to apply the Topaz to make hq photos. Please help! :(

first you need to install topaz! after that, it automatically installs it into photoshop. i havent been on ps in forever but itll be at the bottom of one of the tabs. Effects i think. anyway you can use some of the settings we’ve posted here or make your own! (Topaz doesn’t ALWAYS increase the photo quality)

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Action 02 by photoshopastel

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  • //Download//

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can you make some psds like @.abbyleeskidz on instagram? i love her psds! if you can make some i will die!

we cant just recreate psds and topaz settings. why dont you ask her yourself for them lol (i already tried believe me)

you can try our topaz settings

and one of our psds though!

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▸Optimized for Google Chrome
Preview + Install

man!! i used this theme as a personal theme for a while and people went crazy over it :0 its obviously inspired by apples iOS 7!!
you can change the color of the apps and the icon inside of each circle. theres optional sounds and its basically pretty awesome
its very important that you dont use a lot of dark colors on this theme!! its designed to have a fairly light color scheme. try to keep with that (there is an option to change the lockscreen text black)
▸Please like and/or reblog if using or plan to use!
Please do NOT change, move or remove the credit in any way!

Let me know ASAP if there’s any glitches/problems!

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